Are you feeling overwhelmed by difficult challenges and transitions in your life? Are you angry, depressed, anxious, stuck in unhealthy relationships or self-defeating behaviors? Do you long to make the changes necessary to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment?

Welcome to a New Beginning

You really can start again!

Whether you are having trouble focusing, getting through the day or dealing with “bad” experiences, you can learn to regulate negative emotions and thoughts that keep you from a more satisfying, purposeful life.  You may be surprised at the progress you make through your own insights, creativity and observations!

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How Will Therapy Help Me?

A thoughtful program of therapy can heal the mind and release the physiological impact of traumatic experience.

In an atmosphere of acceptance, careful listening and caring, you and I can identify areas of difficulty, both inside you and in your outside world and find solutions to deal with them.

I invite you to unpack your emotional baggage and leave it in my office!  Explore your emotions, moods and thoughts, modify your behaviors and set realistic goals. You can understand why you made the choices you did.  I invite you to begin by seeing and accepting your Self as you are now!

Your therapies will be designed according to your unique history and circumstances. They may include cognitive therapies and body-based healing, including guided imagery, meditation and BrainSpotting.

We All Need Someone Objective to Talk To

Emphasis is placed on healing the mind and releasing physiological impacts triggered by disturbing experiences, emotions or thoughts. You have the insight, intelligence and intuition you need to be the person you would like to be — Let me help you make the most of your inner resources.

BrainSpotting: It’s Never Too Late to Change!

I use Brainspotting a powerful, effective therapy that accesses the deeper parts of your brain to bring about change organically, at the physiological level.  BrainSpotting has the capability to get to the source of traumas and release them from those areas in our brain and body so that we feel, act and react in healthy ways. Change typically occurs in subtle but noticeable ways.

Now I realized that I’ve been walking around with my eyes closed.  I’m seeing the world for the first time…I feel liberated — ( after BrainSpotting ) — Lisa M. 

I realized in the days after the BrainSpotting, that I felt better.  I didn’t try to feel better it just happened.  It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I’ve been feeling more relaxed — John S.

I can’t believe how much my view of myself was dependent on how my family saw me (still as a child).   It’s taken 40 years and a few ( months of ) therapy sessions , but I am finally beginning to see myself as a competent, successful, happy woman.  Oh and a side benefit , my family is treating me better, too.  — Allison C.  



Main Line Adult Counseling / Peggy Phipps, LCSW offers:

    • In-Network provider   Medicare and United Health Care 
    • Convenient location in Exton: South of Rte 100, East of 113 and north of business Rte 30
    • Not accepting new clients until late summer 2019.  If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please email me.  I will get back to you and confirm receipt of your email and update you on when we might be able to start therapy.   

Give yourself a chance TO BE the person you were meant to be.