As if “Normal” life isn’t tough enough, how about the NOW in this super-crazy time of post-pandemic life ?  What do we do now with our isolation, facing ourselves and others and the daily same-same, the uh-oh, the wait, uh ” What day is this?”  (Remember when we thought that was a mental test for an elderly person? HA ) The question now more than ever is:

Can You Be The Person You Want to BE? Or The Person You Thought You Were?

Today, we face ourselves and our loved ones with masks on – Literally! Shedding the symbolic mask remains the task.  If you were having trouble getting through the day before the pandemic, it’s likely you are now, even more so.  Frustration, sadness, “what’s the point” emotions, feelings and thoughts keep you in fear and keep you from YOU.  And YOU cannot contribute to your life and your environment around you if you are not your REAL SELF – whatever that is.  Finding and Being your authentic self is hard work. Get ready to face those places you thought you didn’t have the courage to.  Because you do have the guts to do this.

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How Will Therapy Help Me?

If you are motivated, somewhat insightful and just a bit courageous — then a creative, individualized program of therapy may help. Help you heal your mind and release physiological impact of things you have “tried to forget”.

In a space of acceptance, active listening and non-judgement, I invite you to identify areas of confusion, of blockages and of strength so that working together, you and I may begin the process of finding YOUR unique solutions.
Leave your emotional baggage in my office.  Understand why you made the choices you did.  Begin to see and accept your Self as you are right now — for better and worse.

Talk Therapy and BrainSpotting

Speaking with an objective professional places the emphasis on YOU.  It helps you see your self from other perspectives. Talking releases some self-judgment, fear, and shame.  Brainspotting is a powerful, effective brain-body therapy that accesses non-verbal parts of your brain and releases negative and upsetting experiences from the  body at an organic, physiological level.  BrainSpotting gives you the capacity to release the fight, flight, and freeze reactions from your primitive brain and body reactions so you may feel free to act and re-act in healthy ways.  Change is subtle but noticeable.  Now you can:

 Make the Most of Your Inner Resources 

Now I realized that I’ve been walking around with my eyes closed.  I’m seeing the world for the first time…I feel liberated — ( after BrainSpotting ) — Lisa M. 

I realized in the days after the BrainSpotting, that I felt better.  I didn’t TRY to feel better it just happened.  It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I’ve been feeling more relaxed. — John S.

I can’t believe how much my view of myself was dependent on how my family saw me (still as a child).   It’s taken 40 years and a few ( months of ) therapy sessions , but I am finally beginning to see myself as a competent, successful, happy woman.  Oh and a side benefit , my family is treating me better, too.  — Allison C.  


Main Line Adult Counseling / Peggy Phipps, LCSW offers: 

  • In Exton ( Lionville close to Downingtown East HS )
  • As of August 2020, sorry but not accepting new clients. I will update this when space becomes available.  

Give yourself a chance to BE the person you want to BE.